How to Repair Loose Grout in Your Tile Floor

Tiles have in the recent past become a common flooring material that every homeowner is using to build beautiful floors. Installing tiles in the right manner is the start of realizing the beauty of using tiles for flooring. Unlike other flooring materials, it is a requirement to apply grout if using tiles. Tile grout help in filling the gaps let after installing the floor. Tile grout also helps in fastening the tiles together.

Not smearing tile grout leave the tiles naked and ready to start asking for repairs soon. Colored grout offers an alternative way to add beauty. Rather than using the plain grout, the colored grout sealer offers you a better way to match colors.


At some point, you will have to repair the existing grout. Although it is possible to apply new grout over the old grout the results are usually not the best. Doing so will often result in more repairs in the future. The best way is to remove the existing grout, clean the area well and then smear a new layer.

Removing tile grout is not a difficult thing as you think. In fact, it is a fast activity that takes a few minutes if you have the best tools. First, you will wet the broken area with water and vinegar. You should mix them in the ration of 1-to 1 or as advised by the manufacturer. Next, you will need a saw to remove the loose grout. It is that simple to start repairing.

If repairing loose tile in backsplash areas, you will need to consider having a caulk. A colored silicone caulk is an excellent sealant in places where water splashes a lot. That means if you will need to caulk your kitchen, bathroom and any other place prone to water splashes. Caulking stop cracking and applying it help you stop frequent repairs. You will also find colored caulks making it easier to apply it in different areas.

Combing both grout and caulk is acceptable and it is best you use them where necessary to minimize the cost of repair. For more information about applying caulk over grout, tap this link now.

Keeping your tiles in good shape is really important. You should be quick to repair any damaged or loose grout and caulk to avoid further damages. You can learn more about caulking and grouting here.
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